Build my city in 3D

Do you want to showcase your cityto the world?
Should people all around the globe have the ability to experience your city and its citizens online?
Do you want to promote local commerce and businesses?
Do you want to be one of the first to open your city to virtual tourism?

My City in 3D

Metaversum, the maker of Twinity, the virtual world based on real people and real cities, has created a worldwide unique offer for City Marketers, Tourist Offices, City and Business Promotion. Elevate your city marketing into the 21st century with My City in 3D, by launching a true-to-scale, inhabitable 3D replica of your city in a lively virtual world.

Imagine your city center, landmarks and high streets mirrored one-to-one. Landmarks, shops, offices, apartments, streets, bridges, rivers, street signs, trees, monuments, everything which makes your city unique and extraordinary replicated in a virtual world. But you are not just getting a 3D model. You are getting a social community to inhabit the virtual city as well. Your citizens will move into these virtual buildings and welcome visitors, tourists, and business people from all over the world.

Sounds like science fiction? Not anymore. Metaversum has developed patent-pending virtual city building technology. With our City Content Management System we have already developed 3D mirror replicas of Berlin, Singapore, Miami and London. Curious? Just sign up and try it out for free.

Bring your City into Twinity and Benefit from
  • dynamic city interaction for virtual tourism, commerce and general leisure activity
  • cultural awareness & tourist appeal - i.e. showcase exact replicas of UNESCO protected destinations for interactive tourism
  • social opportunities - meet, collaborate, conduct business, and entertain
  • co-op high streets to actual brands - offer store-front window shopping & interaction
  • engaging tours & games for a playful exploration of a city
  • infrastructure for location-based services and augmented reality

The Offer
  • Detailed true to scale replicas of your city complete with maps for navigation
  • Virtual economy for virtual (and real!) commerce
  • Social platform for locals & visitors - meet, engage, go shopping
  • Open infrastructure which local constituencies can plug into, contribute and benefit

The Deal With our unique technology we can build detailed, inhabitable mirror cities starting as low as $ 25,000 for the first square kilometer. Hosting and maintenance costs are only $2,500 per month. Being the virtual owner of your city you can recoup these expenses by selling or renting the virtual property.


Contact Christian von Hardenberg to talk about My City in 3D: christianh@metaversum.com

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