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Are you interested in having a virtual job in Twinity? Do you want to earn Globals on a regular basis? Check our current available positions! There are different options in order to suit your skills, but if none of them motivate you, send us your suggestions to globals@twinity.com.

meet people games Twinity Promoters: Are you very active on Facebook and Twitter? Check our Event Calendar and share events using the buttons provided! Every single one counts, let us know you did so we can check and send you your reward!

Twinity Journalists: Do you have a blog, a Facebook page or group about Twinity or you are keen on interacting in forums? Express your opinions about Twinity, notify us so you earn 50 Globals per post and 50 Globals extra if we repost your article in the Twinity news feed!

Twinity Tour Guide: Post the Twinity Tour event in the Event Calendar, show people around starting in the Welcome Area and visiting the most important places for a newbie! Send postcards showing your job to globals@twinity.com and earn 100 Globals with every nicely performed tour!

Twinity Host: Are you creative and full of ideas for events in Twinity? Host 3 different types of events a week, send postcards to globals@twinity.com or share the best moments on Facebook in order to earn 500 Globals a week!

Twinity Shopping Assistant: Did you complete the Shopping Tour and do you already know all the good shops in Twinity and where to get the hottest items made by Twinizens? Post the Shopping Tour event in our Event Calendar, help other Twinizens to complete the Tour and get the free items, send postcards showing your job to globals@twinity.com and earn 100 Globals per tour!

Twinity Photographer: Do you have a gift for photography? Take pictures of the best outfits around Twinity and post them on your blog or on our Facebook Fan page, you can get 25 Globals per Twinity Model you capture if you notify us about your masterpieces!

Twinity Model: Do you know how to look irresistible to the camera? Appear posing for a Twinity Photographer in his/her blog or in our Facebook Fan page and earn 25 Globals!

virtual apartment Twinity Developer: Are you an expert in our Content Creation Guide and you enjoy teaching? Host a Tutorial about the Content Creation Guide, walk other Twinizens through the creating process and earn 200 Globals per Tutorial! Don’t forget to post the Tutorial event in the Event Calendar and send us the pictures!

Twinity City Tour Guide: Have you visited any of the Twinity cities in Real Life or you live in them? Are you an expert on the history and the most fascinating landmarks in one of our virtual cities? Then post a Tour around Berlin, London, Miami, Singapore or New York, show other Twinizens your favourite city and earn 100 Globals per tour! Notify us using the postcard system to get your payment!

Twinity Postman/Postwoman: Do you enjoy discovering new places in Twinity? Visit other fellow Twinizens and leave them a guestbook comment with your impressions about their places. Send us a picture of your greetings and earn 10 Globals per guestbook message!

Twinity Manager: Discover new bands and bring their sound to Twinity! Contact bands, DJs and musicians and ask them to perform in Twinity! Walk them through the process, represent them in world and earn 500 Globals once their concert is booked and performed!

Twinity Movie Maker: Do you know what the word Machinima means? Make your movies in Twinity and earn Globals! Record an event, the perfect spot, your daily life in Twinity or a tutorial to help other Twinizens, upload the video in the Internet, send us the link and earn 50 Globals for each edited minute!

Don’t forget that you can win extra Globals submitting your Party, Apartment or Avatar in our Facebook Fan page!

Other jobs being currently in testing phase:
- Twinity Designer: contact Shop Manager
- Twinity 2D Shop Tester: contact Shop Manager
- Community Team: contact Monica Zaldivar
- Mentor Guide Team: contact Monica Zaldivar

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