Create your own virtual movie

Machinima is a neologism based on the phrase machine cinema. It is is filmmaking within a real-time, 3D virtual environment, often using 3D video-game technologies.

virtual movies Have you ever thought to create your own movie without spending money?
Twinity is not only a fashion game, it is a way to have fun and be creative in several different ways:
- you can create your own items,
- you can create your own stories and movies.
We have created a tutorial that explains how to make videos in Twinity, to help you...and we often organize interesting contests based on the Machinima technique.
If you want something special there are few special locations you can use, as Littel Italy, Miami, Palmadora, but also Clubs and places suitable for a cool movie.

Once you created your Machinima movie you can share it on YouTube and maybe create a personal Machinima Yutube channel.

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