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Gay, Guys, Fierce, Urban, Culture.

The only 'gay-guy' group on this thing (site) is not-all-that, & has like 7 people with a fucking race car as the display image! (what the F@#*%!?) -- yikes. Anyway, I'm so confused by all this virtual shit & decided that we sofisticated gay-boys << who live in a larger North American city (or at least on the coasts >> SHOULD have, & WOULD want to belong to 'our' group, first & formost. You get the picture boys: All are welcome (males, that's is!) -- A group on the cutting edge & the forefront of 'the now'. For whatever purpose you should all want or desire. No rules (except the good 'ol "golden-rule"), just respect. ... :) In Summery: We're flying the rainbow-group-flag for **culturally sharp w/ metropolitan smarts! ** Thank you.


Diese Gruppe hat 6 Mitglieder.

  • Image of Bryce
    Mitglied seit dem 9. Dezember 2008
  • Image of Eddie
    Mitglied seit dem 15. Dezember 2008
  • Image of Philip
    Mitglied seit dem 17. Dezember 2008
  • Image of Glen
    Glen Button
    Mitglied seit dem 13. November 2009
  • Image of Not Registered
    Not Registered
    Mitglied seit dem 13. Februar 2013
  • Image of Lars Andersson
    Lars Andersson
    Mitglied seit dem 17. Februar 2013


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