About Us

ExitReality is a social entertainment company and producer of the award-winning Twinity virtual world. Twinity is the place to party online, an immersive and connected virtual environment that complements and amplifies the interests of the youth demographic: Music, pop culture, fashion, celebrities, self-expression, communication, community and social networking. Twinity makes it possible for media partners and brands to connect with this influential demographic in compelling and interactive new ways through a vibrantly created, expertly targeted social entertainment world. ExitReality is a private company with offices located in London, San Francisco, Melbourne.

Danny Stefanic - CEO

Danny Stefanic has been involved in virtual reality for 17 years. He has been working on the 3D Internet for 6 years and founded the International Virtual Reality Association Inc. in 1994. He produced virtual worlds technology with Netscape in 1996. He has been called a visionary by his peers and deemed by Wall Street to be one of the pioneers in his field. He has successfully developed several startups — including an Internet 3D studio, a shrink-wrap 3D e-commerce software company, and several businesses in the Immersive Imaging sector. He has also licensed 3D and immersive imaging technology to several companies including IPIX. He has a B.A. from a Melbourne university in software engineering and computer science.

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