St. Pauls Cathedral Indoor

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Public place in London, United Kingdom

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28. April 2010
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Saint Paul's Church Yard 55d

St Paul's Cathedral is an Anglican cathedral on Ludgate Hill, the highest point in the City of London, and is the seat of the Bishop of London. The present building dates from the 17th century and was designed by Sir Christopher Wren. It is generally reckoned to be London's fifth St Paul's Cathedral, all having been built on the same site since 604 A.D. The cathedral is one of London's most famous and most recognisable sights. At 365 feet high, it was the tallest building in London from 1710 to 1962, and its dome is also among the highest in the world. 

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    4. Mai 2010 um 19:14 von George

    Good job.

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    4. Mai 2010 um 12:59 von Robin

    wonderful place

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    3. Mai 2010 um 09:28 von Reinhard

    What about the next Disco in the Al-Aksa-Mosque? Would you believe, that the Moslems are not hurt by this musik and accessoires like dance-cages? I am a Crist, that also prayed in the St.-Pauls-Cathedral, and I am not amused! Reinhard Rupsch

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    1. Mai 2010 um 19:38 von Mike


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    30. April 2010 um 18:19 von Hannie