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8. Dezember 2010
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Welcome to the Twinity Welcome Area. Make your first steps, meet the support team and some other twinizens and find out what else you can do in Twinity. Enjoy! Your Twinity Team 

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    22. April 2018 um 02:34 von Miah

    Olha so vou da o papo em! Galera do Twinity nao qero ninguem no Twinity comunidade toda fechada fecha as lojas tudo nao quero ninguem no Twinity homem mulher criança idosos cahorro galinha piriquito eu quero a area toda fechada em lobo javali mandureira gato e nao quero ninguem no twinity nao quero caro nao quero moto nao quero onicus nao quero nada em vou ensinar minha sogra dirigir (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)

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    22. April 2018 um 02:26 von Miah

    Look im just going to talk about Twinity guys i do not want anyone in the twinity community to be closed closes the shops everything i do not want anyo ne in Twinity man Woman elderly dog chiken i want the whole area closed in do not want expensive i do not want motorcyle i do not want a bus i do not want anything im going to teach my mother-in law do drive. (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)

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    22. April 2018 um 01:07 von Issah


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    22. April 2018 um 01:07 von Issah

    ai ai

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    22. April 2018 um 01:06 von Issah