Prof's Desert Island

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Apartment in Edinburgh, St. Helena

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5. Mai 2011
David Profson

An isolated island with views. Good for chilling out. This was Prof Michael favourite place. Please leave messages in the Guestbook. Thank you 

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    18. November 2017 um 01:59 von Carolina

    always like coming back to dance with monkees and seeing the lighouse its beautiful

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    13. November 2017 um 10:02 von Petek

    u allways in our hearts and minds we will miss u and good memories we had sad i just was few mounths away and when im back see my freind leave us ;(;(;( he was great person and he allwas help to me and all .when i miss u i will go see sweetpea .that was pleasuere for me to know and have freinds like u, prof and sweetpea. sleep well my freind...our hearts with u.i pray for u /biiiigheart

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    5. November 2017 um 19:19 von Sexy Tough Dani


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    28. Oktober 2017 um 09:48 von Do

    good i love it

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    27. Oktober 2017 um 17:02 von Zeth

    very nice place. R.I.P Prof