Wave and dance 3D

In a virtual online game the body language is important as in real life. In Twinity you will be able to animate your avatar in several different ways: dance, gesture, body expressions.

dance 3D In virtual online games users represent animated avatar to show feelings. In Twinity the most popular animations are the dance 3D and the pose 3D, you can organize parties on the beach or parties on the street and create a group street dance 3D, for example a group Macarena dance!

If you want to be popular in the community one of the better way is to host events like party or models events, all the fashion avatar will join you and show their better 3D poses as though Twinity is a celebrity fashion games.

pair animations There are also pair animation you can play with other avatars, like pillow fights, high five but also love animations.
Twinizens love to kiss and hug and they are always looking for the soulmate.
Animate your avatar and let it express itself through cool dance in 3D!

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