Get rich in Twinity

Learn more about how you can get rich in Twinity: the best way to earn Globals is to get a job at the Globals Center. You can find new posted ads there on a daily basis, such as a fashion designer, movie maker, party king/queen or Twinity tour guide.

carnaby street When you log into Twinity for the first time, you will get 450 Globals. After completing the Welcome Tour, you will get additionally 300 Globals, giving a total amount of 750 Globals which gives you a great start!

Twinity has a free membership for Basic users, but if you really want to start earining Globals you have to upgrade your status. For example if you want to start a business you have to be a Commercial user, by the moment you will be a Commercial user you will start Globals earnings.

quiz man In our cities, as in virtual Singapore a lot of users have already opened shops and different kind of business. Because Twinity is not only a fashion online game, it is also an opportunity to join a big community of people. Another way to earn Globals (our currency) is to join the Quiz Game in English or in German.

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