Get rewards and achievements

You can get badges and rewards for the things you do in Twinity! You can get rewarded for your actions and participation in various fields, so regardless of what it is in Twinity you like to do the best, you qualify for these great new rewards!

rewards There are mainly three sectors where you can get accolades in:
Travel- for those of you who can’t get seem to itch off the travel bug.
Lifestyle- your level of activity, popularity, glamour and fame all play an important role in this category.
Living- Find a place in Twinity and turn it into you’re home and make the most out of it!

There is of course more info about all the various badges you can earn in the overview. All you need to do is check your profile and click on the Get Achievements button to find out what exciting new challenges you can take part of to earn these rewards!
To make an example you can run the virtual New York Marathon or a Scavenger hunt, attend 3 different events and hang with people for 10 minutes or get 10 people to visit your apartment and be a good host to have a cool reward.

gift One last note! You can always look into someone else’s profile to see what he or she has achieved so far!
Twinity is not only an online community to make your avatar it is also made to games and chat.

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