Latest fashion in Twinity

Create your own 3D style, create your avatar style with fashion dress up! Look for the latest fashion trends in our catalog: hairstyles, dresses, clothes and shoes.

dress up games InWorld you can find the best shops with the ultimate fashion! One step after the avatar maker you can choose your look, dress up your avatar girl or boy and be part of our celebrity dress up games. Take your avatar to events and show the fashionista in you, show on the catwalk how cool you are and dance in the community.

There are endless outfits available in Twinity with many new clothes and items added on a weekly basis. You can test the outfits on your avatar for free before you purchase the clothes to see how it looks like. The most popular styles that the Twinizens love are punk, chick city-girl, queer, hiphop, rave, preppy, rockabilly, skate and hipster. Since the amount of clothes is so large, you can pick your favourite stuff from the catalogue and mix it into your own personal style.

In addition to an introduction to Twinity, the tour will give you additionally 300 Globals to the 450 Globals that you've already got as a welcome gift. With these 750 Globals in total, you will have a great starting position to buy cool and good looking clothes and items for your avatar.

Enough talking, start styling your avatar now

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