Chat bubble contest

Our new bubble chat often causes a real grin with its numerous smileys and emotes. Using easy commands you can spice up conversations with your friends; in combination with avatar animations you can bring your 3D chat to a new level!

chat bubble Now you can commit your art to the Twinity avatar chat rooms: we are looking for the coolest thing to pop up over an avatar's head! Upload your suggestion for a chat bubble or an emote to our Facebook page and tag yourself in the picture. Don't forget to add "Chat Bubble Contest" as description!

Everything is possible, be it a special smiley, a octopus-shaped chat bubble outline or a picture – please pay attention to the rules and conditions stated below.

Send us your...

pictures with/without chat bubble
Please save in PNG file format; the resolution should be 256x256, 512x256 or 256x512..
chat bubble outlines
Please also save as PNG, resolution 512x256. The background color of the chat bubble must be 25% transparent; Black (0,0,0)is the placeholder color for the frame color which is specific for each avatar.

Rules and Conditions

Pay attention that you do not violate any copyright on the picture you post - so please don't use somebody else's pictures from the internet
By posting your picture you agree that your picture can be used in the Twinity chat from that time on.

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