The Big Screen in Twinity


Attention, all you movie lovers! Get down to the Alexanderplatz in virtual Berlin and visit Twinity’s top cinematic attraction.

CineStar’s CUBIX cinema in virtual Berlin is the premiere address for all movie-related events in Twinity.

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The cinema is currently showing trailers, behind the scenes clips, making-ofs, and other exciting movie material from the upcoming premiere of Sony Pictures’ action thriller ILLUMINATI which will be coming to a cinema screen near you from 13 May.

Promotion period: 22.4. - 20.5. 2009
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Sometimes there is more to a virtual world than meets the eye: For the release of ILLUMINATI there will be a huge raffle in Twinity starting with the opening party next Wednesday, 22 April. You can expect to see mysterious occurrences, strange findings AND cool prizes

On top of this, fans of the movie can get their hands on exclusive ILLUMINATI merchandising and a bunch of cool gifts.


Come celebrate the ILLUMINATI Party!

Come by and receive all the information about the event of the secret hunt for the 4 elements and experience a piece of the mystery and secrets behind the world of ILLUMINATI.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009
18:00 Berlin (CET)
Forecourt of Berliner Dom in Twinity

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Look out for the conspiracy

Treasure hunters and conspiracy theorists rejoice: 4 secret ambigrams are hidden throughout Twinity, enjoy yourself as you hunt for the mysterious signs of the Illuminati. Winners will not only have access to exclusive film scenes, but also enjoy a slue of prizes.

Find the elements and win!

  • Find the ambigrams of the 4 basic elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water)
  • The event begins with the Earth element on April 22 and thereafter each week will bring with in a new ambigram to be found in virtual Berlin
  • Throughout Berlin are hidden special signs with clues about where the ambigrams can be found
  • Send a postcard (a Twinity feature) or screenshot with evidence of your ambigram find to
  • Please do not forget to include your first and last name and the postal address in order to qualify for the prizes
  • Deadline for receipt is the May 19 (Conditions of Participation)

Sensational prizes

First prize: 1 navigation system, the NAVIGON 2100 max from Navigon – enjoy the best driving safety through its innovative features

Additional prizes: 5 fan packages, consisting of the ILLUMINATI bestselling books and Moleskin notebooks


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Twinity is a 3D online world featuring the world’s most happening cities in 3D. Create your virtual me and explore the city with other Twinizens, party, go shopping, or just chat with friends. You can even get creative and design your own apartment in virtual Berlin – with other exciting world cities set to follow soon.

Movie News


The virtual CineStar CUBIX has all the movie news you need, including information on featured new releases. And keep your eyes peeled, because more exciting movie promotions are coming soon – to your CUBIX cinema in virtual Berlin.


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