Twinity community awards

One of our famous events is the Twinity community awards, hosted by one of the most famous girl of the Twinity Team: Monica.

When you explore Twinity, like virtual New York, with your 3D avatar you find the creative work and contributions of other Twinizens again and again.
The world just wouldn’t be the same without the creativity of its members, and some deserve a little extra credit for being true innovators and caring about their fellow Twinizens.

community awards The categories/nominees are:

Rebel Without a Cause.
Best Twinity Kisser (Boy).
Best Twinity Kisser (Girl).
Twinity Vampires.
Privet Lady.
Hottest Teacher.
Twinity Entrepreneur.
Twinity Mr/Ms Nice.
Best Web Promoter.
Dra Sommer Best Student.
Twinity DJ.
Best Twinity Innovator.
Twinity Fashion Designer.
Best Party Animal.

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