Every week new contests

We are proud of our community and we love it, that is why we organize a lot of contests to entertain and reward our users

contests There are few examples of how to get rewards in our community:

You can be our Avatar of the week, for the users who spends some time dressing up as in a fashion game and want ot be a model, this is a chance to show off unique looks to the community!

You can be the Quizmaster of the week, taking part in the quiz game whenever you want, training your quiz skills and earning some Globals, getting in the highscore list and become the weekly Quizmaster.

What if you prefer designing your apartment, making it your own underground club or just a nice quiet spot at the riverside? Then you will partecipate to Apartment of the week contest.

To take part to the contest Event of the week you must know the value of a good event to make new friends and have a good time together.

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