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Are you interested in having a virtual job in Twinity? Do you want to earn Globals on a regular basis? Check our current available positions and send any questions, submissions or disputes about payment to globals@twinity.com. There are different options in order to suit your skills, but if none of them motivate you, send us your suggestions to globals@twinity.com.

Pay periods are weekly, running from Wednesday through end of day (CET) Tuesday. Payments are generally made on Wednesdays but can occasionally be later, are always promo globals and will be added directly into accounts. To verify payment, just look at your "Account" data on Twinity.com - it will show as an "activity prize" made by Metaversum.

General Requirements (failure to follow these can result in non-payment or disqualification from future virtual job participation)

  • * Email subject must state the job name you are requesting payment for.

  • * Payment submission must be sent the same day the task was completed.

  • * Postal job may only be done with 1 avatar per person, regardless of how many avatars you have.

  • * When submitting links, you must use the full unaltered link to the webpage. You may not use link altering tools such as TinyURL.

  • * When submitting screenshots, you must use the full unaltered image. You may not resize or make other alterations.

  • * If screenshot links are posted to a general image hosting site such as TinyPic they must be tagged as Twinity.

  • * Hosting jobs require at least a 1 hour event, which means the host must be present and accessible to guests for the full hour, and the event must be open to everyone.

  • * You may not request payment for hosting jobs if your event was the result of a private Twinizen to Twinizen employment arrangement or for a shop you have interest in.

meet people games Twinity Postman/Postwoman: Do you enjoy discovering new places in Twinity? Visit Twinizen homes, businesses and clubs and leave a guestbook comment with your impressions about their places. Send us a picture of your greetings and earn 10 Globals per guestbook message!
Make sure you reopen the guestbook so your entry is visible, take a screenshot of your guestbook entry (F3 or camera button in upper right corner), then attach up to 5 guestbook entries to an email each day to request payment.
Maximum payment 5 per day
Every guestbook entry must be from a different place (not just each day)

Twinity Tour Guide (hosting): Post a Twinity Tour event in the Event Calendar, show people around the most important places for a newbie! Send a screenshot showing your tour and the link to the event calendar tour event description* to globals@twinity.com and earn 100 Globals with every nicely performed tour!
Maximum hosting payment 1 per day, 5 per week (limit combines all event host jobs)

Twinity Shopping Guide (hosting): Did you complete the Shopping Tour and do you already know all the good shops in Twinity and where to get the hottest items made by Twinizens? Post the Shopping Tour event in our Event Calendar, help other Twinizens to complete the Tour, send a screenshot showing your tour and the link to the event calendar tour event* description to globals@twinity.com and earn 100 Globals per tour!
Maximum hosting payment 1 per day, 5 per week (limit combines all event host jobs)

Twinity Party Planner (hosting): Are you a party animal who loves nothing more than hosting great parties? Post your party event in our Event Calendar, party hearty, send the link to the event calendar event description* and either a screenshot or link to a posted picture taken during the party to globals@twinity.com and earn 100 Globals per party!
For the screenshot or image to count as valid, it must contain at least three people, including the planner (who must be visible in the image).
Maximum hosting payment 1 per day, 5 per week (limit combines all event host jobs)

Twinity Photographer: Do you have a gift for photography? Take pictures of the best sights around Twinity and post them on your blog, your Facebook page, another relevant website or on our Facebook Fan page, you can get 25 Globals per quality Twinity picture you post if you send us links to your new original posted pictures! If you post on a free image hosting site you must tag the picture as Twinity.
Maximum payment 4 per day


apartment Twinity Journalists: Do you have a blog, a Facebook page or group about Twinity or you are keen on interacting in forums? Express your opinions about Twinity, send us a link to them, and you could earn 50 Globals per quality post and 50 Globals extra if we repost your article in the Twinity news feed!
Maximum payment 1 per day

Twinity Developer: Are you an expert in our Content Creation Guide and you enjoy teaching? Host a Tutorial about the Content Creation Guide, walk other Twinizens through the creating process and earn 100 Globals per Tutorial! Don’t forget to post the Tutorial event in the Event Calendar, send us a link to the posted event description and a picture taken during the event!
Maximum payment 1 per day, 5 per week

Twinity Manager: Discover new bands and bring their sound to Twinity! Contact bands, DJs and musicians and ask them to perform in Twinity! Walk them through the process, represent them in world and earn 500 Globals once their concert is booked and performed!

Twinity Movie Maker: Do you know what the word Machinima means? Make your movies in Twinity and earn Globals! Record an event, the perfect spot, your daily life in Twinity or a tutorial to help other Twinizens, upload the video in the Internet, send us the link and earn 50 Globals for each edited minute! Limited to one(1) video/ day.

*To get the link to an event posted on the Twinity Event Calendar just login to Twinity.com, view your profile, and scroll down to the events section. Click the image for the event you are submitting and copy the link from the page that opens.

Twinity Paymaster has final determination in disputes or cases of abuse. When abuse is found he also has the authority to disqualify the member from future virtual job participation.

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