Take part to the quiz game in a 3D gaming world! Take part in the quiz game whenever you want, train your quiz skills and earn Globals. Get in the highscore list and become the weekly or the all time Twinity quiz champion.

quizzes One of the most asked questions we get in Twinity, is how to earn more Globals. Over time new jobs are popping up in the Globals Center. You can also try out the Sponsorpay offers on a regular basis.
But don’t forget to attend the Daily Quiz Game in English or the Daily Quiz Game in German where there is at least one scheduled event every day. Sometimes you will compete one on one, and sometimes you will form teams and share the price sum. What are you waiting for? Partecipate to our free quizzes, make your second life more exciting and win!

Twinity is chat and play games, game rewards through online quizzes.

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