Be a vampire in Twinity!

Twinity has also a dark side, a Vampire village where we rebuilt a gothic atmosphere…It is not only a Halloween location, but a place for the Vampire community that wants to meet up in a special location.

vampire twilight Take a look at the Vampire village, dance, explore and don't be scared! We have a live community that loves Vampire and the animation offered.
In our world you can really behave like a Vampire and be a dress up girl as they are. If you are a Twilight fan you can start meeting people with your same passion.

Living vampire, a different life style for your avatar!
Clothes, fangs and a location with a river made of true blood, do you need some more information? Join us and take a look to the Vampire Village, Twinity is a community to have fun and chat.

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Join Twinity and visit our virtual Berlin, Singapore, London, Miami and New York.
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