Vinilette LIVE!

Image of Vinilette LIVE! (2011-01-29 21:00:00 +0100 @ New York City)

January 29, 2011 09:00 pm

09:00 pm CET
New York City
Monica Zaldivar

After enjoying with My Awesome Mixtape and R.E.M UK Tribute, Vinilette arrives to Twinity and she will make New York explode!

Preview her music in Soundcloud, check her on Myspace and on Facebook to be ready for her DJ Set!

Vinilette is a veteran deejay, producer and musician from Barcelona. Her musical taste is diverse and mixes old with new tunes, melodic with abstract, placid with frantic sounds. Different music for different states of mind: this taste for diversity and a militant mind led her to create the “Femelek festival”, promoting female electronic music composers since several years.
She has been also involved in events and projects such as Bread & Butter, Sónar ’05 y ’06, Monegros Festival, Creamfields, Razzmatazz, Florida135, Moog, City Hall and Bar 25 (Berlin).

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