The client is the software that is required to be able to use complicated virtual worlds like Twinity on your computer. The Twinity client can be downloaded for free after registration on Twinity.com. After a member downloads the Twinity client and starts up the application on his or her computer, the client connects each Twinity member to a remote service (server) through the Twinity network. When the Twinity client is opened, the application accesses information over the Internet and connects you to the 3D virtual world. The Twinity client is updated on a regular basis to improve functionality, add new features and repair bug fixes. Each time there is an update of the Twinity-client, a patch is automatically downloaded to your computer when you start up the Twinityclient. If you have problems with your Twinity client, write to the Twinity Support Team for help. Members can visit our support page for additional instructions related to the Twinity client, browse the Twinity forums for more information and read the Twinity blog for updates on the status of the Twinity client.


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