A Massively Mulitplayer Online Role Playing Game or MMORPG describes an Internet-based role-playing computer game, which allows for millions of players to simultaneously engage in game play within a single online virtual world. MMORPG is most often pronounced as the individual letters of the acronym (em em oh ar pee gee), but can also be pronounced phonetically (mor-peg). MMORPG can be written in capital letters or lower-case letters (mmorpg). Although Twinity is a virtual world and not a game per se, Twinity is considered to be an mmorpg. The most successful and most well known MMORPG is World of Warcraft (commonly referred to as WoW) with over ten million registered users. In order to participate in or play an MMORPG, the user is oftentimes required to download a client.


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