A user, in this case, is identified as the participant of an online community, computer game, virtual world or the Internet itself. In Twinity, users are referred to as members. Every user or member of Twinity creates his or her own unique avatar, which he or she uses to move around the virtual world. The avatar of each member is a representation of him or herself in the physical world. Twinity members or users communicate with each other via messaging, forums, the pinboard and twings on Twinity.com. Every user or member has the opportunity to interact in the Twinity virtual world via private or public 3D chat and by moving his or her avatar through the 3D virtual world of Twinity. Members can choose from a variety of animations and movements to communicate with other avatars. Users of the Twinity virtual world attend special events in-world to meet other avatars or members of the Twinity online community.


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