Indoor Place Requirements

Renting indoor places

  • Twinity members can rent indoor places in Twinity, for example, to create their own apartment or have some friends over.
  • Renting an indoor place involves a rent paid with Globals at the beginning of every month. The Globals will be automatically withdrawn from you Twinity Global account.
  • If your rent cannot be deducted in two consecutive months, because you don't have enough Globals on your account, your rental agreement will be canceled automatically.

Buying indoor places

  • Premium and Commercial members have the option to purchase indoor places. As a Premium member, you can own a limited number of indoor places. As a Commercial member you can own many more. For details see the Twinity pricelist.
  • Premium and Commercial memberships of Twinity have been or still are free of charge. On our pricelist you find all information about the current membership fees and their advantages.
  • Purchasing indoor places involves an one-time purchase payment. Purchases are conducted in real currency (mostly the currency used in the respective city). When purchasing indoor places you will be asked for your address, and credit card details or information required for other payment methods.
  • Only Commercial members can buy ground floor locations.

Letting and reselling indoor places by members

  • Premium and Commercial members can rent out and resell indoor places.
  • For handling the sale of an indoor place or collecting rent, we charge a transaction fee. See the Twinity pricelist for further details.

Uploading media and virtual items

  • All members can upload within reason media to indoor places and display websites.
  • Premium members can upload within reason virtual items such as furniture to their indoor places. A small upload fee may apply. See our pricelist for further details.
  • Uploaded content must comply with the Twinity Terms of Service and the Twinity Rules.

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