Best customized apartments

We know there are many beautiful places in Twinity, most of them fairly unknown by the normal Twinizen. Our real estate market offers a large range of different flloplans and viwes, but if you feel that your place is somewhat nicer than the average you should take part in our Apartment Hopping event!

virtual apartments Create your own home and have fun while decorating and furnishing it, it is your 3D home and you can do everything you want with it! Give the perfect style and build on the concept that better fits on a contest of that size.
Create your place as you create your avatar, the winning apartment’s owner then receives an achievement badge, which is displayed on his/her profile and/or apartment wall.

Apartment decoration and competitions around them, is something that manages to become popular in most social virtual worlds. However, a key element in this is that the event and winner are decided by the community. Thus the purpose of this event is to kick off apartment decoration competitions in Twinity, and then hand it over to the community.

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