Commercial property

If you are a commercial user and you want to open a businnes in Twinity, the very first thing you can do is to open a shop 3D in one of our cool cities.
  1. * Open your own business in Twinity
  2. * Create a whole virtual experience for your customers
  3. * Add a virtual dimension to your marketing strategies
  4. * Invest in virtual real estate

    1. Opening a business in Twinity means earning Globals, having a commercial property means that you purchased ground floor real estate to convert into a street level presence.
      A better presence in one of our virtial cities, as virtual Miami for example, allows you to
      1. - use Twinity’s shop function for selling your virtual items,
      2. - submit a business profile describing your company and be listed as a commercial enterprise in Twinity’s Yellow Pages
      3. - submit listings to our event calendar on twinity.com

        1. Upgrade your membership to start your own business in a virtual world made of real people. Design your own items: fashion, furniture or animations, everything you can create can be sold in our MMO to make Globals!
          Take a look at our online tutorials, where you can find tips and suggestions directly from our development office.

          Commercial real estate differs from all other real estate in the following ways:
          1. * Only commercial members can buy commercial real estate in Twinity
          2. * All ground floor real estate in Twinity is commercial real estate
          3. * Shop windows can be used for branding your business

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