Luxury home 3D

Exclusive living spaces available in Miami, our virtual real estate is for everyone. Preview the luxury yacht homes at the Ship Sneak Peek event. You can check out the new designer floorplans and attic apartments with pitched roofs in Miami or New York.

exclusive yacht We have floorplans and designs, offering you all the comfort you need for a place to live by the beach! Be sure to check out our exclusive new yacht locations as well.
Twinity is not only one of the thousands decorate games, here you can find your virtual home 3D in a virtual existing city.

Even if we offer 3D furniture models that you will love, you will be allowed to create your own design if you want to: you can create your own pieces of furniture if you want something different or crazy or customized on your real way of living.

luxury home The real estate market offer a lot of choices if you want to build and model the perfect apartment for your avatar. Buying your own apartment you have more options for things like the floorplan, the size and the view.
Imagine the view of the beach looking out the yacht in Miami...

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