Virtual cities, real estate

Rent or buy your own custom apartment in the metaverse of Twinity. Start by searching for a specific address in one of Twinity’s virtual cities.

virtual apartment In Twinity true to scale cities you can find several options to find a home for rent. You can rent a 1-room apartment in Regent Street in our virtual London, or a nice studio in our virtual Singapore.
In your virtual home you can change the floor, walls and doors, add furniture and even chose the background music that is played in your own crib.

Our MMO offers a large range of shops to satisfy your taste. You can furnish your apartment in a baroque style, old 50s style or in a modern style.
Your 3D avatar can have a walk in our cities and check for his favourite shop, try the items and decide which one is better to him. There is also a contest for the Apartment of the week!

home 3D Only in virtual Miami and New York you can fin exclusive apartments and penthouse, the best apartments will be only in US.
If you want to develop a business in Twinity and you are a commercial member you have the chance to take a commercial real estate.

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