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  • Image of New Ways to Flirt and Have Fun!

    New Ways to Flirt and Have Fun!

    September 02, 2010 04:03 pm

    If your style is lounging in the sun, protect that virtual skin and Get Creamed.

    For the more active users: Grab a partner and show your dancing skills at the Tango vs. Merengue event or fight the battle of the sexes at the Pillow Fight Night.

  • Image of Look like a Movie Star

    Look like a Movie Star

    August 26, 2010 04:11 pm

    Now you can look like James Dean in our new retro collection! Give your own place a Fab 50s feel with cool classic furniture items, or style your avatar like your favorite star! See all the lookalikes of young Marlon Brando or Grace Kelly and dance some swing at the opening party.

  • Image of 50's Film Events

    50's Film Events

    August 26, 2010 04:00 pm

    On Fifties Friday enjoy Cocktail Vernissage at the Altes Museum Miami “Doo Wop Diner” opening, a film quiz, a „Movie Star“ edition of R U HOT or just “Bop Your Bum Off” dance event . Just look at our Event Calendar for all the events going on during the weekend!

    If you are feeling creative, you can also take part in our Movie Poster Contestpick a movie that does or should exist, pose for a scene screenshot, edit in your title and stars, then send it to “Monica[at]”.

    The best posters will be displayed at Bitfilm Bitropolis Cinema, and of course you get a reward!

  • Image of Create your own virtual Movie!

    Create your own virtual Movie!

    August 26, 2010 03:34 pm

    Try for fame in The 48 Hour Film Project and have your work seen in multiple virtual worlds! The stakes are high, but as well as a chance to have it screened at MachinimaExpo 2010! This contest is patronized by Chantal Harvey, a well-known machinimatograph, and is about creating a machinima in 48 hours. From Friday, 17 September to Sunday, 19 September you should create your own machinima, finalize it and send it in! If you have questions or want to participate in the contest, contact Daniel with 48 hours film project as the subject.
    Of course we offer a Machinima Tutorial where you can learn the very basics, e.g. shooting a video in a virtual world on your computer. Watch the Event Calendar for additional events!

  • Image of 70's Clothing Design Contest

    70's Clothing Design Contest

    August 19, 2010 04:12 pm

    Show your funky style at this special edition of
    R U Creative!? and you could win 250 globals plus an outfit from the new 70’s collection. Simply create your best 70’s themed outfit and take part in the runway contest on Friday at 07:00 pm (CET). The outfit judged most creative and true to the theme of the event wins!

    To get started simply download the clothing templates from here, and design them as shown in the description .



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