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  • Image of Party Hopping 70's Style

    Party Hopping 70's Style

    August 19, 2010 03:57 pm

    Boogie through a weekend of 70’s parties, or host your own and try to win.

    It’s all 70’s weekend, so have a far out time hustling through the parties and events. Post an event on the schedule for this weekend that includes the keyword “70’s” and you’ll automatically be included in our 70’s party contest. Host the event that fits the 70’s theme best and win a groovy prize.

  • Image of Twinity's First Casino

    Twinity's First Casino

    August 19, 2010 03:32 pm

    Deck yourself out in our new 70’s collection and head on over to our Casino opening on Friday, 20 August at 04:00 pm CET. Premium members can now enjoy roulette, but remember that lady luck is fickle so you can lose as well as win.

  • Image of Events & Contests

    Events & Contests

    August 12, 2010 05:47 pm

    Express yourself by taking part in our Graffiti Contest, where winners will see their artwork displayed on the Berlin Wall as well as receive 250 globals! To participate simply download the template from here and here. You can also find links to free graphic editing software such as GIMP on, design your artwork and then contact Monica.

    Think you’re not an artist? You might be surprised because art can take many forms, so submissions can be anything including graffiti, paintings, text messages * or anything else you can create using the *template. Winners will be selected by community vote.

    Schnitzeljagd is the German word for Scavenger Hunt, and we now have a German Scavenger Hunt for you! You’ve seen them in London, Singapore and Miami and now we’ve added one to Berlin. Start at the Brandenburg Gate and find the “Schnitzeljagd” sign, and from there branch out and explore the city as you seek out the 5 stations of the hunt. Don’t forget to find the free item at each station!

    Get comfortable and cozy in your favorite pajamas, and then come to our Pajama Party! We’ll be playing a fun, and possibly embarrassing or revealing, game of “Truth or Truth” and chat the night away talking about the boys and girls of your dreams

  • Image of History in Pergamon Museum

    History in Pergamon Museum

    August 12, 2010 05:18 pm

    Experience the famous Pergamon Museum in 3D, and see relics from many cultures including ancient Greece and Rome. As with any museum, the exhibits will expand and change over time. We’re very pleased to be able to share with you the first pieces completed in Twinity, including the immense and impressive Pergamon Altar

  • Image of Amazing new Places in Berlin!

    Amazing new Places in Berlin!

    August 12, 2010 05:04 pm

    Together with our partner Berlin Tourismus Marketing, we present several historic new places to visit in Berlin.

    The East Side Gallery is the longest open air gallery* in the world, constructed from a one mile segment of the The Berlin Wall. Its works, created by 118 artists from 21 countries, show artistic commentary on the political events of 1989 and 1990. It’s a fascinating place for those with an interest in art or history.

    The Berlin Wall memorial site at Bernauer Straße includes a 3D version of the visitor’s center and panorama platform, documentary center, chapel of conciliation and monument. This is a definitately a “must see” for any history buff!

    The Berlin Info Store is conveniently located at the Brandenburg Gate and provides all the information you may need to visit Berlin.



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