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  • Image of Ride our new Motorbike

    Ride our new Motorbike

    August 05, 2010 04:14 pm

    Get your motor running… This week, our vehicle engineers flex their muscles and present a real heavyweight: the Gold Twing motorcycle combines power and comfort on two wheels and will carry you safely to the destination of your choice. There’s no helmet law in Twinity, so just hop on and enjoy the hot summer wind while cruising through the Twinity cities.

    Of course a new vehicle in Twinity also means something special: we need to find out who is the Street King of Twinity at the moment! Join our Street King: Miami Race on Friday and try to solve our Miami city race track faster than the competition. Be prepared for some surprises on the track! If you keep your nerves and come out as the winner, you will get fame in Twinity’s racing community and win 100 Globals prize money!

  • Image of Nothing beats Beach and Barbecue!

    Nothing beats Beach and Barbecue!

    August 05, 2010 04:05 pm

    Nothing brings people together better than a good meal, and there’s only one thing better than a party – putting it on the beach. We’re combining the two with a barbecue party on the beach! Come to the South Beach BBQ Party, enjoy roasted delicacies with your friends and enjoy the beautiful ambiance!

    On this occasion we would also love to present the barbecue setups done by some creative Twinizens during the Twinity BBQ Contest – come to the party and see who will win 500 Globals plus an open air location for bringing his or her creative visions to virtual reality!

    You may also stumble across sand castles along the beach. With just one click you can feel like a kid again and start building your own castle – or go for the more adult version and take part in our “3D Sand Castle Contest!” Model the sand castle of your dreams as a Collada file, upload it in Twinity and let Daniel know. If you manage to build the most creative, detailed or in any other way impressive sand castle in Twinity, you will not only win 500 Globals, but also an open air “sand box” location for this and any upcoming projects.

  • Image of Be a Hip Hop star in Twinity!

    Be a Hip Hop star in Twinity!

    August 05, 2010 03:57 pm

    Do you have what it takes to be a rising Hip Hop star? Here is your chance to find out! Is your strength rapping or dancing? Our special events this weekend will let you see if you’ve got what it takes! Our Chat Rap battle contest is perfect for all of you rappers out there.

    Here’s how to play: Twinizen A starts with a line such as “I am cool, and you are not”, then his ‘opponent’ Twinizen B has to build a rhyming sentence in 15 seconds or less. If he can (such as “That’s no thing, I’m hot hot hot!”), he starts over with a new line, then opponent A has to counter it. If he can’t, he is out! For every round you win you get 50 Globals. If you are the best chat rapper around and manage to muzzle all competitors, you will also win a studio apartment in Miami where you can build your own rehearsal room – perfect for a struggling Hip Hop star!

    Rapping isn’t your thing? We’ve also got a Hip Hop Dance contest if that suits you better: Form a dance team of at least 2 people and choreograph a dance routine for your team. Then come to the event, perform your dance on stage with your team and wow the audience. The winning team gets 100 Globals per team member.

  • Image of Have fun and win!

    Have fun and win!

    July 29, 2010 09:16 am

    Miami is the perfect place to play around, be creative and have fun – and win rewards for that! In our special opening contests, you can win every day:

    Get to know the city and earn the MIAMI EXPLORER BADGE! There are five badge stations at interesting spots throughout the city; find them all and you’ll automatically receive your badge!

    Then in the Miami Moments picture contest, take a screenshot of your favorite Miami moment, like a beautiful location, one of the cool new features or even just a spontaneous party with your friends. Then post the screenshot on our Facebook wall, and you may be the lucky winner of the day and receive 100 Globals! This contest will run for one week.

    If you are up for some hot beach action, take part in our Wet T-Shirt Contest : Design and create an outfit for yourself in two versions, dry and wet. Then join in our Wet T-Shirt Contest on Sunday, and if you can make the crowd go wild, you’ll win a state-of-the-art luxury apartment with a brand new floorplan and ocean view!

    Have fun and good luck!

  • Image of Hello America, let’s party!

    Hello America, let’s party!

    July 29, 2010 08:49 am

    For the opening of Miami, we’re taking the celebrations to epic levels! Starting Friday, July 30th at 9 am (EST)/15:00 (CET) with an official welcome, the day will be bursting with great events. There are several live music events over the weekend that you can’t miss!

    On Friday, we have three live performances, starting with Anek (USA) at 10 am (EST)/16:00 (CET). Anek is a great guitar player and will play a full set of the finest progressive rock; if you ask nicely, he may even do one of his famous Pink Floyd tributes

    Next on stage is A.M.Forte (CAN) at 2 pm (EST)/20:00 (CET). This singer/songwriter will make you hum and cheer with her brilliant voice, acoustic ballads and steady rock!

    At 6 pm (EST)/0:00 (CET) Friday, catch Robin (USA) performing folk versions of famous songs and own material live. We didn’t know about her talent until this special occasion – now come and see a Twinizen turn into a star on stage!

    In addition to the music, there will be a lot of fun events and activities for you in sunny Miami! In homage to the cool action movies made here, dress up as your favorite Mafia character and join the Scarface Costume Party. Earn respect and score with the best costume and you’ll win 100 Globals!

    Take to the streets of Miami on the first real motorbike in Twinity and earn the “Street King” title to get 100 Globals prize money!

    You can also learn more about the features in Twinity at one of our tutorials. From total newbie to experienced Twinizen, you’ll find the full range of events in our events calendar.



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