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    Welcome to Miami!

    July 29, 2010 08:22 am

    Twinity just keeps growing, and this time we’ve crossed the pond: come and explore South Beach in Miami, the latest city in Twinity! This is our first city in the United States of America, so we have some special new features – you’ll have to come and see them for yourself. There’s a new and improved virtual city experience! Take a walk barefoot and find all the little gizmos that we’ve hidden along the way. Eat some ice cream in the sun, get some rays sunbathing on a towel at the beach, and then take a dip in the ocean cool off. If the mood strikes you, get back in touch with your inner child and build a sand castle!

    If you are looking for more sophisticated than sand castles, Miami might be just the place for you! We have new floorplans and designs, offering you all the comfort you need for a refined place to live by the beach! Be sure to check out our exclusive new yacht locations as well. Imagine waking up drifting along the waves at sea…

    We put a lot of love into this city and we want to hear what you think. Join us at the grand opening celebration this Friday, and leave us your feedback with a post on our FB page !

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    Are you a good kisser?

    July 22, 2010 01:20 pm

    There’s a Smoochfest party at Trafalgar Square this Saturday. Join the fun and earn a cool prize: the special Smooch Badge. This is the only way to get that badge! So register now – send a message to Monica with “Smoochfest” as the subject. It takes two to smooch, but if you can’t find someone, don’t be shy! You’ll have a chance to find someone to hook up with at the party!

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    Come together in Twinity!

    July 22, 2010 01:11 pm

    There are also parties where you can have more steamy encounters!
    Dr. Sommer will tell you all about the latest trends in love and related topics. She will give you tips on how to get things started with that special someone. Carpe diem – seize the day and turn the wheels of romance.

    If you want to skip the learning part and get straight to the dates, the Twinity Matchmaker can help you find a good match – or let the experts help you!
    When you find that spark in someone and you’re looking to show them a good time, take a bike trip together and let Monica show you the most romantic view in Twinity on Romantic Tour . You can snap a picture to last a lifetime!

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    There's a place where lovers go...

    July 22, 2010 01:08 pm

    Love is strong in Twinity! We have had some beautiful weddings in the last few weeks, and everyday new Twinizens are looking to tie the knot. Now we have the perfect location for you: the new Honeymoon Hotel . It’s a place where you can meet other love-starved Twinizens at the bar, have a little chat or go to one of the romantic suites to enjoy more private moments. We’ve included hot pair animations in every suite –
    come check it out at the big Sweetheart Party there this Friday and let your heart be touched!

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    Twinity Community Awards

    July 15, 2010 01:35 pm

    When you explore Twinity, you find the creative work and contributions of other Twinizens again and again. The world just wouldn’t be the same without the creativity of its members, and some deserve a little extra credit for being true innovators and caring about their fellow Twinizens.
    This Friday at 17:00 CET, we are going to honor these Twinizens at the Twinity Community Awards. The categories/nominees are:

    Most beautiful avatar:
    Neynaz , Lacey Drew , Cicero,

    Best ambassador of Twinity:
    Swen , Jose Antonio, Nadia

    Best event host:
    Vicky, Princess Lily , Vlad , Jose Antonio ,
    Angela , Gary

    Best racing track designer:
    Vlad, Ray , Mike,

    Best shop item designer:
    Glenn , Björn, Ray , Jo

    Best Fashion Designer:
    Helen , Vampire Queen , Evolast , Lacey Drew

    Best Decorator:
    Dreamer , Kyoko , Vlad ,

    3D Designers:
    Xedos , Glenn , Björn

    Special Prize for Education:
    UOT (Loriendil ), Language School (Nimrod ), Flying School (Ulrich)

    Most Helpful Twinizen:

    Kuhl , Lora
    , Glenn , Helen , Robin

    - Best Photographer:

    Nadia , Neynaz , Delluzeonist

    - Best Movie Maker:

    Lourenco , Helen , Jose Antonio,

    - Best Twinity Blogger:

    Dee , Sered , Plainhavoc

    - Best Couple in Twinity:

    Casimero , and Yuna, Pink and Julien , Wingsong and Evolast

    Check our Facebook page for the complete list.

    Be there and enjoy a glitzy celebration! Evening dress is required and expect paparazzi!



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