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  • Image of Indie Tuesday – Featuring “The LooX”, a Brand New Indie Rock Band!

    Indie Tuesday – Featuring “The LooX”, a Brand New Indie Rock Band!

    November 18, 2008 01:02 pm

    This time, Twinity and Motor Club are excited to present the up-and-coming German-English band The LooX. The band offers a strong repertoire of original compositions, with poppy melodies coupled with hard and rousing beats that create a unique mixture of Guitar-Rock and Power-Pop.

    Don’t miss out, when virtual Motor Club introduces The LooX’s first songs. Come party, learn about the band and meet other indie-rock fans! So come to an unforgettable party in the Motor Club!

    Where: Motor Club

    When: Tuesday, 18 November

    Time: 19:00 Berlin // 1pm NYC // 02:00 Singapore

    “Indie Tuesday” is presented by Twinity in cooperation with Motor Digital – the driving force behind Berlin’s local independent scene.

    PS: Invite your friends to join you in Twinity! Just log in to, click on the “Invite a Friend” button or go to “My Profile” and find the “Invitations” menu option on the left side. You can also invite your friends from google mail.

  • Image of Choose the Best in Twinity – Every Vote Counts!

    Choose the Best in Twinity – Every Vote Counts!

    November 18, 2008 12:01 pm

    Power to the Twinizens – vote now and decide which location should win!

    Using the new ranking system you can show with one click how much you like a location. Every week a new Twinizen will be awarded 250 globals for having the location with the best rating!

    Also, Twinity is now offering an additional prize for the host of the best event of the week. A panel of famous barflies and nightlife constants will be trolling the party scene to judge who has the best user generated party of the week! So whoever rocks the house in Twinity the most will also be awarded 250 globals!

    The big winners from last week are:

    Congratulations to both winners and good luck in the upcoming weeks!

    PS: All Twinizens who applied to event(at) with an event of their own and received a positive reply already got their 500 globals.

  • Image of Twinity gets a Major Update!

    Twinity gets a Major Update!

    November 14, 2008 03:49 pm

    In the latest Twinity patch, we added some cool new features to enhance and improve your experience in Twinity!

    • Five Star Rating System – rate your favorite places from one to five stars in one easy click!
    • In-world map – navigate the city using our new Mini Map (located in your toolbar)!
    • Give gifts – stock your inventory full of items, right-click on any avatar and give a gift!
    • Mood lighting – create colorful ambience and adjust light properties!
    • Coop-Browsing can now be configured (time to reset page, coop-browsing on/off)
  • Image of WANTED: Your Events in Twinity

    WANTED: Your Events in Twinity

    November 13, 2008 11:37 am

    If you would like to get involved in producing your own daily, weekly or monthly event in Twinity, Jane zitty is your go-to avatar!

    As more and more Twinizens run their own events and parties in Twinity, part of Jane job is to help Twinizens set-up and promote new member-created in-world events. She will help generate interest and participation within the Twinity community by promoting your event (via the Twinity Times and in-world event listings) and rewarding you with a party package of 500 globals for creating your new event in Twinity.

    Every week, the location with the highest user-rating will be awarded 250 globals.

    To participate, please write to with a short description of the kind of event you’d like to create. You can also become a friend of Jane zitty and write to her via message on Jane will personally respond to all inquiries and provide you with more information.

    PS: We want your feedback about our events! Please take a moment to complete our short Event survey, so that we can better understand what you want to see more of in Twinity.

  • Image of Become a Virtual Reporter in Twinity

    Become a Virtual Reporter in Twinity

    November 12, 2008 04:59 pm

    As editor-in-chief of The Twinity Times, Jane zitty is looking for a few good avatars to report on the activities and interests of fellow Twinizens.

    If you are interested in working as a virtual reporter for the Twinity Times, write to reporter(at) or send a message to Jane directly via To submit an article for publication, follow these instructions:

    • Articles should be minimum 100 words and maximum 250 words
    • Include at least one screenshot or graphic to accompany article
    • Articles should be written in English
    • 250 globals credit per published article

    What to write about? Topics for articles can include (but not limited to): reviews of in-world events, interviews with other Twinizens, report on interesting cafes / apartments / clubs in Twinity, op-ed pieces about virtual worlds, technology – the sky’s the limit!

    Submitted articles will be selected and edited by Jane zitty.

    PS: Your opinion counts! If you have another minute to spare, please complete our general member survey here! Thank you!



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