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  • Image of zitty Readers Lounge Premiere

    zitty Readers Lounge Premiere

    October 07, 2008 12:24 pm

    Are you a fan of live readings and abstract thought? At the monthly zitty Reader’s Lounge, you can hear passages from works by published writers and meet up with a group of fellow intellectuals. Hang out with the sophisticated crowd after the reading and discuss what you’ve heard.

    Where: zitty Redaktion

    What: zitty Reader’s Lounge

    When: Thursday, 09 October

    Time: 19:00 CET // 1pm EST // 01:00 Fri. SST

    Twinity’s first installment of the zitty Reader’s Lounge presents German journalist, pop culture writer and Marxist, Dietmar Dath. Settle in and enjoy a recorded reading in German by Dath from his latest novel Die Abschaffung der Arten (The abolition of the species). Dath’s futuristic novel discusses the decline and rebirth of civilization from the point of view of the animals that rule the world. This epic meditation on the theory of evolution will inspire any budding theologists, Darwinists and philosophers alike. Click here for more information.

    Even if you don’t understand a word of German, please join us anyway for a bit of fun and to meet up with the international Twinity crowd!

  • Image of Go Shopping in Twinity!

    Go Shopping in Twinity!

    October 02, 2008 05:12 pm

    Shop till you drop! Forget the worldwide financial crisis and spend your globals on a virtual shopping spree in Twinity!

    Get cool clothes for your avatar in the Twinity shops. Choose from the hottest Twinity fashions at chic shops like Wundervoll, Conley’s or Drykorn. Visit the Twinity shops and proudly wear our very own Supershape brand clothing line, or select items from our awesome 80’s collection of original outerwear.

    Shop at virtual retailers. You’ll discover real world retailers when you’re out sightseeing in Berlin. Enter these shops and find virtual items for your avatar. Look for the red global symbol next to items in the shops, click to buy the items and add them to your inventory.

    Impress your friends with the latest Twinity trends and be the most stylish avatar in Twinity!

    Check out luxury goods in Stylepark, Living Rooms and Lumas for cutting-edge furniture and art!

    PS: Need globals? Refill your wallet on your account page at or earn 500 globals per week with an in-world job! Become a friend of Earnie Globals and visit the Twinity Job Center in-world for more information.

  • Image of Party Tonight in the 103 Club!

    Party Tonight in the 103 Club!

    October 01, 2008 12:11 pm

    Dance and socialize all night long with the freaky 103 Club crowd!

    What: Freak Scene Party

    Where: Club 103

    When: Wednesday, 01 October at
    18:00 CET // 12 noon EST // 24:00 SST

    Join us tonight! Hear a selection of live concert recordings from the best of the 103 Club’s international music acts.

    Located close to the heart of Kreuzberg, Berlin, the arty 103 Club is home to Berlin’s electro, pop and sophisticated hip hop music scenes. Come, see and feel – that’s the 103 Club!

  • Image of Want to earn some Globals?

    Want to earn some Globals?

    September 23, 2008 12:37 pm

    Want a new pair of shoes, new furniture for your virtual apartment or globals to pay for the new club you want to open in Twinity? Now is your chance to earn cold, hard, virtual cash in Twinity!

    The Twinity Job Center is your headquarters for virtual jobs in Twinity. Visit the Job Center for all the information you need to start today. We offer a host of interesting opportunities for the entrepreneurial spirit in each and every Twinizen!

    Find virtual work as a yoga instructor, sales assistant, bartender, photographer, city guide, dancer, fashion consultant, film critic and much, much more! You can earn up to 500 globals a week, simply by working in Twinity and having fun!

    Become a friend of Earnie Globals and find out more about this exciting opportunity to participate in the Twinity Jobs Program.

    PS: Another way to earn Globals is to check out the Twinity Today panel posted in Berlin and the Twinity Welcome Area. Answer the Quiz Master’s daily question and you can win 50 globals every day!

  • Image of 80s Outfit Contest

    80s Outfit Contest

    September 23, 2008 12:22 pm

    Dance to excellent tunes by Yazoo, Men Without Hats and Devo. At our 80s shindig, the babes are bodacious, the dudes are diesel and, like oh my god – the fashion is rad!

    Where: Bodacious Breakfast Club

    Date: Tuesday, September 23

    When: 19:00 CET // 1pm EST // 01:00 Wednesday SST

    This week we will award the best 80s outfit with 250 Globals. Party Hearty!



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