Honeymoon Hotel Bar

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Apartment in London, United Kingdom

Created on
July 21, 2010
Real Estate Agent
Buckingham Street 7*

It’s a place where you can meet other love-starved Twinizens at the bar, have a little chat or go to one of the romantic suites to enjoy more private moments. We’ve included hot pair animations in every suite 

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    September 01, 2013 05:50 am by Queen Mikayla

    loveing and beautiful place for a honeymoon

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    September 01, 2013 02:48 am by Gary

    Good romantic spot

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    June 17, 2013 05:13 pm by Bleu Diamond

    I fell in love here....will come back when i find a husband

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    June 01, 2013 03:11 pm by Mizeri


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    May 12, 2013 12:22 pm by Not Registered

    so pretty and romantic 5 stars