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December 08, 2010
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Welcome to the Twinity Welcome Area. Make your first steps, meet the support team and some other twinizens and find out what else you can do in Twinity. Enjoy! Your Twinity Team 

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    November 22, 2018 02:30 pm by Mariaalessandramendonça

    T.T Eles so gostam das coisas erradas; os portugueses e muito melhor do que esses ingles que nao sabe de nada, so pensa neles. VIPs da merda. A mulher mo entra no jogo ja esta com Pass ainda fica se achando. ahhh vai tomar no cu. Nubs

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    November 22, 2018 02:26 pm by Mariaalessandramendonça

    Na hora de enfiar o dinheiro no CU, todo mundo pega. Na hora de ajudar os outros ninguem quer. Seus bosta. Minimundos e muito melhor do que essa desgraça de jogo aqui. Bando de riquinho, velhos querendo aparecer. Pensa que pode ter as coisas e os outros nao tem. Tem que ficar mendigando nessa poha...Esses velhos gaga inves de caçar serviço, nao procura. Tem que ficar procurando mulheres pra fuder. So pra cair no mesmo buraco. Aqui so tem burros e bobos, metidos da besta.

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    November 22, 2018 02:20 pm by Mariaalessandramendonça

    It's okay now I stop playing. This game should not have those English motherfuckers. He only knows how to say something that is not good. If he did not have these Englishmen the Twinity game would not be that way. Now just because the Portuguese left, now the son of a bitch has taken over the game. And still can not help. Go fuck yourself, DEVIL'S BAND. Crap useless. :@

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    November 22, 2018 02:48 am by Chloe


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    November 15, 2018 01:35 pm by Fernanda

    You conquered me. Just with a smile You by my side It is all I need Feeling your wet kiss Feel the warmth of your arms I want you by my side While there Is love a sin? Is everything over? Do not let me go AND... You conquered me. Made me crazy with love You taught me To be who I am