Sound streaming tutorial

Step One:
If you haven’t already, download and install the freeware Winamp media player.

Step Two:
Download and Install the Shoutcast Plugin for Winamp.

Step Three:
Now it gets a bit tricky. You have to configure the Winamp and SHOUTcast settings to make them compatible with Twinity. Here’s how:

a) Open WINAMP
b) From your WINAMP toolbar, go to OPTIONS then PREFERENCES

Sound Tutorial

c) From PREFERENCES find the Plug-ins tab and select DSP/Effect

Sound Tutorial

d) A new DSP/Effect Plug-in window will appear. Select the Nullsoft SHOUTCast Source from the list of plug-ins.

e) Click the CONFIGURE PLUG-INS button at the bottom of the new window to begin configuring SHOUTcast. Here’s what you do

f) A SHOUTcast source window will then appear. Using Encoder One (default), select the ENCODER tab and set the ENCODER TYPE to MP3 ENCODER. You have just set up your SHOUTcast to play MP3s.

Sound Tutorial

g) From the same window set the ENCODER SETTINGS to 64kbps, 22.050kHz, STEREO. Selecting a lower setting will negatively affect the quality of your streams.

h) Next, in the same SHOUTcast Source Window, click to OUTPUT tab and set the OUTPUT to OUTPUT ONE.

Sound Tutorial

i) Finally, click CONNECT

Step Four:
You are almost there. Now go back to the Winamp control panel to open your audio file, or drag and drop it into the Winamp playlist. Now your audio files are ready to be streamed into the Twinity world.

Step Five:
Go to Twinity to add the URL to Twinity Radio.
a) Find a radio in the Twinity world and click on it to open it
b) Click FAVORITES and add the URL of your audio file
c) .../listen.pls

Step Six:
To play or listen to your audio files in the Twinity world, find a radio and select the URL of your Audio feed and enjoy. If you can’t hear your streaming audio, be sure to check that your volume is up.

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