Mirror World

A Mirror World is an online world, which looks and feels just like the real world, but with one important difference: Mirror Worlds aren’t constraint by real life physics or economics!

mirror world Here you can fly, create your own virtual art, start a business in a virtual city, without having to bother with government bureaucracy and red tape, thus creating an online community which is essentially youre very own space: owned, run and controlled by YOU!

Twinity is something more than a Mirror world, you can meet people, real people just walking through our real cities, unlike Second Life, we have built a true to scale exhisting world into a virtual one. For example you can walk in our virtual New York and visit real touristics spots.

mirror world To have a better view of our avatar game you can download the client for free and take the welcome tour. Create you avatar, earn our currency through our Sponsorpay system and start having fun with a world of avatar all around you.

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Join Twinity and visit our virtual Berlin, Singapore, London, Miami and New York.
It is FREE!