InWorld Currency: Globals

Twinity's economy is blossoming more and more! Discover all the possibilities to earn money in our social game and land your dream job through this week's tutorials all about money!

currnecy The InWorld currency in Twinity is called Globals. The conversion rate is for the moment:
90 Globals = 1€.
With the Globals, you can buy fashion dresses for girls and boys, items, furniture and pay the rent for an apartment in Twinity. Globals can be bought with Credit Cards, Pay Pal and/or MoPay from the Twinity website.

The membership is free and there are several ways to have earnings in Twinity. For example there are regular job offers, feel free to check out the Globals Center: in Twinity you can be a Model, a Journalist, a Landlord or a Mentor.

inworld money Don’t miss out on some of these great opportunities to fill up that Piggy Bank! If you don't know how to earn Globals through a virtual job you can always partecipate our Quiz game or play Rulette in our Casino.

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