Decorate your virtual apartment

Just like in the real world, you will feel truly at home in Twinity by renting or buying your own home 3D. Play like in decorate games!

decorate apartments After completing the Welcome Tour, you will get a pre-set starter free apartment.
Furnish and style it to express your personality. Then invite your friends for a party and listen to music or just hang out together.

In the shops of Twinity, you can find furniture for your digital home. You can get your own flat in Berlin, Singapore, London or Miami and you can also check out the latest Real Estate offers which shows the hippest areas.

See the new yacht houseboats -mansionboat should be a word!- and designer floorplans in Miami. Invite your virtual friends and start online chat rooms free!

Start building your Digital Home in 3D now

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Join Twinity and visit our virtual Berlin, Singapore, London, Miami and New York.
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